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29.12.2023 dinner jacket

Setting aside the Studio 54 glam, IKON Designers takes a nostalgic journey to the Golden Age of nightlife fashion—the era of the going-out top. The late ’90s and early 2000s were a celebration of fashion tops, each paired with Cosmos in hand and flip phones at the ready.

Fast forward to the present, where Netflix binges and the allure of Instagram often take precedence over nights out with friends. The question arises: What does one wear when they decide to step out in an increasingly digital world? While the OG going-out top holds a special place in our hearts (and perhaps a dedicated bottom drawer), IKON Designers is here to inspire your nighttime wardrobe with a fresh perspective.

In the IKON realm, we believe that every night out is an opportunity to make a statement. Our curated 2024 nighttime outfit ideas are designed to captivate, ensuring that your ensemble reflects the modern spirit of the times. Whether you’re sipping Cosmos or navigating the digital landscape, IKON Designers invites you to elevate your nighttime style with pieces that transcend trends and embrace the essence of the contemporary woman.

Explore our collection below, where each piece is more than just an outfit—it’s a celebration of the IKON within you. Step into the world of IKON Designers, where nightlife fashion evolves to complement the dynamic lifestyle of the modern woman.

Business Meets Party:

Take a cue from celebrities and try a blazer with leather trousers for a night out on the town. And, yes, embellished sneakers and sunglasses at night are a go-to to finish the look. Explore some of our IKONIC blazers here :

Evzon Military Jacket – Ikon (


Gstaad Dinner Jacket – Ikon (


Extra dose of glam:

You’ll be shocked just how sexy a backless shirt can leave you feeling. Explore our IKONIC Kilenya backless shirt by The jerkins and rock your special nights!

Kilenya Backless Shirt – Ikon (


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